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Co-Terminal Degrees

Complete Your Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees in Five Years

Employers seek job candidates who have acquired the quantitative, economic, and managerial skills taught in a business curriculum. Co-terminal degrees at Stuart School of Business pair the undergraduate program in business with a Master’s program, allowing students to gain greater knowledge in specialized areas while completing both programs in fewer credit hours. During the co-terminal program, students maintain undergraduate status while completing graduate coursework, and can maintain financial aid eligibility when applicable. Co-terminal degree programs allow currently enrolled undergraduate students to complete both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in as few as five years.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in business administration

The Master of Public Administration graduate curriculum complements the undergraduate business curriculum by providing students with the managerial tools to drive success in the public and nonprofit sectors. Students are exposed to policy design and evaluation analytics, performance measurement, social entrepreneurship, and more.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in business administration

The Master of Science in Finance (M.S. Finance) graduate curriculum complements the undergraduate business curriculum by providing in-depth exposure to specific areas in finance, such as corporate finance, financial economics, financial engineering, high frequency finance, investment management, risk management, trading and entrepreneurial finance.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in business administration

The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics graduate curriculum complements the undergraduate business curriculum by instilling tools and skills that allow students to translate data into insights for the competitive advantage to drive business success. Students are exposed to predictive analytics, social media marketing analytics, spreadsheet modeling, and more.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management
+ Master of Public Administration

With as little as 1-1.5 additional years of study, B.S. Engineering Management students can earn a graduate Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) degree to provide a career advantage for management positions in the public sector, including public works, economic and community development, and private sector firms that do business with government agencies. 

Bachelor of science in Chemistry
+ Master of Science in Sustainability Management

Students can pursue a B.S. in Chemistry while specializing their education with a M.S. in Sustainability Management. The co-terminal degree can help students achieve careers in a wide variety of sustainability occupations, including: environmental consultant, sustainability analyst, environmental analyst, environmental engineer, sustainability program coordinator, regulatory and compliance specialist. The program provides students with advanced technical skills in the sustainability field combined with knowledge of fundamental business management practices to give students a competitive advantage in the job market.

Bachelor of science in Applied Mathematics
+ Master of mathematical finance 

Students can optimize their B.S. in Applied Mathematics by also completed a Master of Mathematical Finance through the Stuart School of Business and the Illinois Tech College of Science. 

Bachelor of science in social and economic development policy
+ master of public administration

A comparative economic development undergraduate degree is an excellent preparation for students who desire a career in public or nonprofit sectors, community development, or private sector economic development firms doing business with government. The graduate M.P.A. curriculum complements the undergraduate program by providing in-depth exposure to public sector decision making processes, management, law, program and policy evaluation, and human resource management strategies and techniques.

Learn More and Apply

Application to and acceptance into these graduate program is open to students who have attained at least junior standing in the B.S. program. Students must maintain a combined 3.0 GPA to be admitted to and remain in a co-terminal degree program.

The application for co-terminal programs is accessible through the myIIT portal. Under the Academics tab, locate the Graduate Admission-Student channel and then access the link for the co-terminal application. Learn more about co-terminal degrees.


Justine Grant, Stuart Co-Terminal Advisor