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Career Conversations: What You Need to Know When You Negotiate Your Salary

Career Conversations

Recent graduates and those on the horizon...

Whether you are taking time off this summer or you are jumping into the workforce or you are in your job search, doing a little research on salary negotiations before you are presented with an offer could pay big dividends.

When I entered the workforce for the first time with a part-time job while I was in high school, the main resource for salary was finding out from your friends what they were making. Now there is an abundance of resources to prepare you. The link below is a good place to start, with a set of eight articles that will give you lots of tips and information to help you prepare before you start talking salary with an employer.

See what the experts have to say on topics such as "10 Magic Words That Can Get You a Higher Salary" and "4 Lines That'll Catch You Off Guard During Salary Negotiations (and How to Prepare)."

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