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Miller Attends Final POLE Presentation and Exhibit in Switzerland

Christine MillerThe final presentations and exhibit installation for the POLE (Project Oriented Learning Experience) program were held May 4-6 at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Christine Miller, Clinical Associate Professor of Innovation, attended and her students participated virtually. Miller described the outcome of the collaboration, saying, “All of the exhibits were impressive from the standpoint of both craft and content. Each presented a different perspective on the Internet of Things (IoT), ranging from how the IoT might help to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, for example, eradicating diseases and protecting the environment, to a more critical perspective on the potential consequences of the IoT such as the erosion of privacy, issues of data ownership, and the vulnerability of cloud-based data. The common message is that the IoT with billions of networked devices will have an enormous impact on society, on everyday life, and on the planet.”

The exhibit will remain on display at the ITU through the events surrounding the celebration of their 150th anniversary. The POLE program provides a platform for students from international partner universities to participate in cross-cultural and -disciplinary global teams to tackle real world client-based projects. IIT Stuart will continue to participate in POLE next spring semester.

View photos from the final presentations and read IIT Stuart students John Holden, Beth Schwindt, and Shreeyah Rajan’s blogs to learn more about their projects.