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Students Excel in Rokop’s IPRO Course

Nik RokopDeveloped at IIT in 1995, Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO) brings together students from the junior through graduate levels and from various academic disciplines to work as a team in tackling a real-world problem. Through the program, Nik Rokop, Industry Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, teaches IPRO 479 Student New Venture Development and Entrepreneurship Cluster.

IIT Stuart undergraduate student Katy Banks said she has benefited immensely from the course, and is currently in the final and critical stages of her team's BonaParty app. “It has been great for us to have Nik as a built-in mentor, willing to help us conquer all of our challenges,” said Banks. “We have greatly enjoyed taking the theory taught in our business classes and using it to grow our live company.” Rokop’s students will showcase their work on April 24 at IPRO Day.