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M.B.A./M.Des. Student Awarded Top Prize at Chicago Innovation Awards Scholarship Competition

Chicago Innovation Awards

Chicago Innovation Awards and IIT Stuart partnered to host the Chicago Innovation Awards Scholarship Competition, providing students a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge to finding solutions for under-served or unmet needs. 110 students competed this year for awards totaling $10,000. 

Gold Prize | $5,000

  • "Catalyst" — Web-based service to connect scientists with specialized lab instruments, submitted by J. Thomas Gaskin, IV (M.B.A./M.Des. ‘14), and developed in collaboration with Maggee Bond (M.Des. '14), Anushree Jain (M.Des. '14), and Alisa Weinstein (M.Des. '13).

Silver Prizes | $1,500

  • "Axon" — An international marketplace for healthcare. Connects cost-conscious patients to international medical services created by accredited healthcare providers, submitted by Evan Scott (M.B.A./M.Des. ‘15), and developed in collaboration with Fernando Jose de Buen (M.Des. '15), Brian Lucas (M.Des. '15), Ariana Shadlyn (M.Des. '15), and Amanda Rosenberg (M.Des. '15).
  • An innovative car rental company based on the ownership and sharing of private, low-emission cars, submitted by Pingshi Li (M.S. MAC ‘15).

Bronze Prizes | $500

  • Business model for leasing solar power to households, submitted by Mukesh Muthu (M.B.A. ‘16).
  • Rent Your Future — Luxury goods rental service for men, submitted by Yiyang Liu (M.S. MAC ‘15).
  • Ivy EDU — Web-based service connecting international students with advisors from top U.S. universities, submitted by Yingxian Lin (M.S. MAC ‘15).
  • Relocation consulting service for those moving to new environments, submitted by Sheng Mao (M.B.A. ‘15).

All Entries

Last Name First Name Name of the Innovation
Abraham Jacob Karun GreenTouch
Adebayo Sunday Education in Rural areas of Ekiti State in Nigeria
An Changyue Provide affordable treatment to Hemophiliacs around the world
An Yan Powder Storm Fertilizer
Ballew Jason Terra Pervia
Banks Katelynn Salvation 
Chen Linjing Hope School, China
Chen Dongle "What do you need" website
Chu Xue Donation Promotion
Cwik William High School Work Study for Low Income Students
Diao Yu Recycle and reuse paper boxes
Ding Chumeng Recycling waste cosmetic packages
Dong Yue Management Traning Program
Dongas Demetri Eleonas
EvanScott Evan Axon: The International Marketplace for Healthcare 
Gao Xintong Special bookstore
Gaskin IV J Thomas Catalyst
Gelazius Anthony  Localized 
Genetet Come Reduce strikes in the French public service
Giandoni Jenna The Bike Finder
Grado Gordon A+ Designs 
Guo Hongxiang  Lhasa Heart Hospital in China
Han Ziwei Role Exchange TV Program
Hao Junyu  Honeywell
Hao ZhengYang YY decompression center
Hei Yuyang Walking outside and living better life
Huang Peiqing Healthy Meal
Huang Dongfang
Jernegan Elizabeth Chicago E-Waste Deconstruction
Jin Wenqian  Financing Enterprise
Le Tran Hedge Risk Away
Lei Mengxuan New form of Duty-Free Shop on the airplane
Li Bohua Commercialization of Municipal sewage treatment plants in China
Li Qingyu Profitable Piracy Reporting Website
Li Pingshi An Innovative Car Rental Company to the Big Cities in China
Li Yikang E-Trade shop
Li Xiaoyu Balance
Li Kun Resource Sharing in Transportation
Li Hanzhi I-sos website
Liao Ying Live better, Study better
Lin Yingxian Ivy EDU. com
Lin Shu-an Edible Inkjet
Lin Congying Revoluntion of farmers
Lin Lili FlashHelper
Lin Wan-Chen IT Intermediary Company
Liu Yanjun Distribution (A Part of Smart Grid) Business Model
Liu Bixue Elderly Care in Chinese Rural Areas 
Liu Mengdi Business Model Designed For Solving Migrant Workers Employment Problem in China
Liu Yiyang Rent Your Future _RYF_
Liu Xiao New Business Model named "Happy Father and Son"
Loomis Irene FUSE
Luo Xi A Training Institution To reduce car accidents among teenage driver 
Luo Xinyun Marketing Traditional Chinese Herb Beverage to Consumer
Mao Jiawei Giving a favor to street singers
Mao Sheng Relocation Consultant
Markowitz Evan Erosion Control Inc. (ECI)
McGee Celestine The N.I.C.E. Initative
Mier Fernando CARGO
Muthu Mukesh Lease solar power
Nath Jyotsna Building Local Transport in Rural India
Parker Chad Property Guerilla
Pidhadia Siddhartha Light Speed Inc.
Pradhan Janhavi Off Peak hour Freight Delivery for reducing traffic congestion in the city of Chicago.
Przywara Jennifer
Qin Yu Innovative Model for Offering Jobs to Autistic Adults
Rakauskaite Ausrine  Vitrius Learning
Ren Jiaxiang Dressing Like a Movie Star
Reyes Alcala Martha EdEf - Efficient Buildings
Scoles Natalie Aisle 4
Shadlyn Ariana PedalParcel Chicago 
Shi Liwei How to solve the airplane delay in china 
Shyoran Vaibhav Fruitful Garbage
Song Siyu Memo-Radar
Soudan Mohammad Hazem SoResp License
Sun Li Keep-Fit Weighting Scale
Tang Guanyun Thrive College
Tsai Sung-Ying Natural Disaster Victims Housing problems
Tsai Wen-Han Farm in the city
Vedia Rushabh InPen
Viteri Carla Grandes Pensadores Academy for Children 
Wan Yu  Designated driver service
Wan Ruiyang A Culture & Media Company for Solving the Problems which related to the immigrant worker’s children
Wang Chen Food Safety Company
Wang Yaoyi The Business Model of the Career and Entrepreneurial Support Corporation in China
Wang Honglei Automatic Health Examination Device
Worthon Terrika Educated Threads Boutique 
Wu Tianhui Hand-made art factory
Xiao Siyuan Mini-apartment in office building
Xu Shangke A training market to solve Japanese labor shortage
Xu Yingying Business Model Of Improving Milk Safety in China
Yan Yingxaio Reduce the music copyright infringement in China
Yang Yutian Guaranteed safe and health food project
Yang Jiaxiang Dating Helper
Yin Yuehai Environmental Farm
Yu Limin Online Dating website:  Love 
Yu Xiaolu Nester Union
Yuan Yusong Eliminating air and water contamination
Zhang Huoran  The recycling of clothing materials
Zhang Hanying Air pollution in China
Zhang Chi Infant Care
Zhang Liang BooWin
Zhang Jingjing Building Chinese Luxury Brand
Zheng Zhengyang New Insurance Products
Zhou Yaitng Oral health project
Zhou Yiquan SSS-Chicago Multi-media Interactive Platform Bus Station Design
Zigun David Grass Root Development