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City Connections: IIT Stuart Students at Chicago Social Media Week - Part 3

Sophia TangSeveral IIT Stuart undergraduate and graduate students attended Social Media Week Chicago this past September, a week-long series of events that takes place in cities around the world featuring experts, iconic brands, and leading thinkers sharing their ideas and inspiration. Thank you to Sophia Tang, a student in IIT Stuart’s M.S. Marketing Analytics and Communication program, for sharing her experiences and insights from the week.

Social Media Week Chicago was an amazing opportunity, and several sessions in particular provided great take-aways. In Every Brand is a Story...How Will Yours Be Told?, the speaker brought great attention to how each brand has its own unique story. Successful brands do great by telling the stories to customers in an engaging way. The speaker shared a blog post based on his keynote. At the end of the keynote, he showed a commercial by P&G. All the people present were in tears. This is a good example of living the brand, in people's daily lives.

Another session, Improving Social Media with SEO, explained how Search Engine Optimization can allow you to improve your social media channels. For instance, when creating Twitter groups, put the most important words at the beginning and # signs at the end of each tweet. Simplify Facebook posts by deleting the duplicate URL that FB automatically generates. For Linkedin/Google+ posts, the speaker recommended writing in 3rd person. For Flicker/Pinterest, the speaker suggested naming photos by themes and/or people's names before uploading them.