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7 Crucial Interviewing Tips from IIT Stuart CMC

Brett Abrams of Cushman & Wakefield presented at a recent Company Info Session and shared insight on what he looks for in student hires that can translate across industries:

1. Demonstrate efficiency and productivity in past jobs and projects with specific examples.

2. Know what you want in a job in terms of professional development and career goals.

3. Identify what kinds of activities you enjoy doing on the job and outside the job.

4. Show that you are comfortable with data. Virtually all jobs are data-driven.

5. Demonstrate how you’re improving your skills while you’re in school or between jobs.

6. Be open to career options beside your ‘Plan A’….There can be a variety of other jobs and industries that can benefit from your skills and experiences.

7. Have hobbies—Be an ‘interesting person.’

Consider this insight as you prepare for future interviews, and contact Associate Director for IIT Stuart CMC Shahzad Hussain at with any questions.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Brett’s presentation: “Lessons for New Hires.”