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Launch Scholarship

Launch Scholarship
As a business school within a tech school, Stuart School of Business is uniquely positioned to link highly-skilled Illinois Tech graduates to advanced degrees that prepare them to be leaders in finance. Domestic students applying for the Master of Science in FinanceMaster of Mathematical Finance, Master of Science in Management Science (Quantitative Finance) programs are eligible to apply for the Launch Scholarship.  

The Launch Scholarship program is positioned to launch careers in the financial services industry and offers several unique benefits: 

  • $10,000 in tuition reduction 
  • Three $5,000 stipends over the 2-year program 
  • Access to top internships in financial markets 
  • Job search coaching and support services

For the 2018-19 awarding cycle our focus is to support the Financial Services Pipeline Initiative's two key goals: 

  • Increasing the representation of Latinos and African Americans, at all levels, within the Chicago area financial services industry
  • Improving the overall cultural competency within the Chicago area financial services industry

Submit the form below to apply for the scholarship or contact the Stuart Director of Student Recruitment, Alexandra Arnone Case for more information. In addition to submitting biographical data you will be asked to complete the following short answer questions in about 200 words:

  • Describe your education and experience as it relates to your interest in financial services.
  • Reflect on a personal experience that makes you a uniquely qualified candidate.
  • Describe a professional or educational situation in which you had to proactively take steps to achieve success.