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Internships and Career Opportunities - Lynn Hazan and Associates

Event Date: 

Mar 5, 4:30pm to 5:30pm


Illinois Tech Downtown Campus
565 W. Adams St. 
Room 470
Chicago, IL 60661

Lynn Hazan will be giving a presentation on internships and career opportunities at Lynn Hazan & Associates on Tuesday, March 5 from 4:30~5:30 p.m. in DTC Room 470.

Lynn Hazan has been managing Lynn Hazan & Associates for the last 20 years. She was the recepient of the lifetime achievement award from DePaul University, which is bestowed upon an exclusive group of business, marketing, and academic innovators who provide ideation and inspiration for a group of stakeholders, in recognition of Lynn's leadership efforts and contributions across the years. She was also named member of the year by the Business Marketing Association of Chicago. She holds an MA from Brandeis University and a BA from McGill.

Lynn Hazan & Associates help major corporations, agencies and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their market share, new products and optimize the outreach of their social media / media related efforts to create impact results and surpass revenue projections and optimize their earning potential. They specialize particularly in communications, marketing and sales for a variety of different clients stemming from corporate, agency and not-for-profits. All Stuart students including the graduates and undergraduates pursuing Marketing Analytics, Business Administration, and Management Sciences are encouraged to attend. Register now