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Internship and Career Opportunities - The Sole Rival

Event Date: 

Mar 12, 4:30pm to 5:30pm


Illinois Tech Downtown Campus
565 W. Adams St. 
Room 470
Chicago, IL 60661

Ross Sider will be giving a presentation on internship and career opportunities at the Sole Revival on Tuesday, March 12, between 4:30-5:30 p.m. in DTC Room 470.

Ross Sider is the founder of the Sole Revival. He brings years of experience in R&D and the execution of marketing and promotional events, which include the leveraging of Search Engine Marketing, CRM and Social Media. He is also a Major Account Executive for ThriveHive, which provides guided marketing consulting services to small and medium business and helps them enhance their digital visibility. Additionally, he has worked as Senior Internet Marketing Consultant and also has a vast amount of experience in sales, bringing a very holistic professional background to the table.

The Sole Revival, LLC offers a very novel promotional product, which Ross best describes to be a "tattoo on a shoe,' offering corporations, non-profits and consumers alike to add their own spin on footwear and enables them to print graphic designs such as logos, tailored artwork and other images onto their footwear. They have garnered PR through product placement with actor Mark Whalberg and pro-athletes such as Curtis Granderson from the Mets, Shawn Marion from the Cavalries and Tim Jennings from the Chicago Bears. They also have opened accounts with well known corporate brands such as Google, SalesForce, Don Julio, Lucky Strike, Slurpee, and many more. All Stuart students including the graduates and undergraduates pursuing Marketing Analytics, Business Administration, and other Management Sciences are encouraged to attend. Register now