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SMGT 511 - Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Remediation

Course Description: 

The aim of this course is to teach the modern multi-faceted approach of the management of solid waste focusing on the generation and prevention (emphasis is on understanding what waste is, where it comes from, how/why it is generated, and how generation of waste can be reduced), re-use and recycling (once waste is generated, what can be done to make use of those waste components that are of economic interest), treatment (discuss the three most important treatment/disposal methods presently in use both in the less and the more developed world, landfills, incineration, and mechanical/biological treatment), and disposal of waste (examples include analysis and environmental impact assessment of land-filling and incineration). RCRA technical and regulatory points of views are covered, and discussed are evolution of RCRA legislation, components of RCRA, and its interrelationship to other environmental statutes CERCLA, SARA, and DNR hazardous waste permitting. Also discussed are the fundamentals of remedial actions, Brownfield's redevelopment, and renewable energy. The emphasis would be on the economic, social, and environmental costs of waste generation, recycling, treatment, and storage.