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MSC 652 - Supply Chain Analytics

Course Description: 

This course focuses on modeling and analytical skills by introducing (1) an integrated view of the production and logistics functions in organizations by discussing models such as facility location, capacity allocation, warehousing, transportation, forecasting, inventory management, and risk-pooling models and (2) how firms interact with each other in a supply chain by discussing topics such as value of information, supply chain contracting and coordination, price-based and quantity-based revenue management. In addition to developing quantitative modeling skills, this course focuses on data analytics in the supply chain context and the interface of supply chain analytics and customer analytics. The course will help students (1) gain an understanding of various aspects, issues, and initiatives in contemporary supply chain practice and (2) develop their ability to conduct quantitative research in supply chain management using recent literature published in top tier journals.




[(MSC 511 with min. grade of C, MSC 512 with min. grade of C, MSC 513 with min. grade of C, MSC 514 with min. grade of C, MSC 515 with min. grade of C, and MSC 516 with min. grade of C)]