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MBA 589 - Regulatory Politics and Contemporary Business

Course Description: 

Regulatory activity remains government's major point of interaction with both business and citizens. Government regulation affects a myriad of activities and is the primary function of public administration. Regulation is a key variable of American economic activity, an issue of global concern, and an expanding field of modern jurisprudence. This course is intended to provide an understanding of regulatory activity as influenced by changing social, technological, and economic conditions within a context of dynamic political culture. It will familiarize students with a range of concepts concerning the role of positive government and the growth of the American administrative state. The course will present regulation as a process and examine the role of government, business, and citizen interest group in regulatory development. It will present various types of regulatory activity and review federal, state, and local regulatory networks and responsibilities. The course will also examine the evolution of constitutional interpretation and the subsequent adaptations of American law to facilitate changing and regulatory actions.