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MBA 576 - Creating and Financing New Technology Ventures

Course Description: 

The course concentrates on the study of entrepreneurship, preparation of business plans, methods for evaluating and screening new venture ideas, formulation and implementation of business strategies for new ventures, development of a business plan, the financing of new ventures, and venture growth strategies and exits. It integrates knowledge gained from the prior core business courses (i. e., management, marketing, finance, and accounting) to sharpen the student's ability to think entrepreneurially and form new ventures. The course will also focus on identifying, examining, and evaluating various sources of original and growth capital. Emphasis will be on legal, financial, and tax issues related to capital formation as well as specific problems experienced by the small-to-medium-sized firm undergoing rapid growth in the high technology space. Topics discussed will include venture valuation, financing startups, financial planning and strategy, going public, selling out, and bankruptcy. A formal proposal for capital acquisition developed through field research will be required of each student.




[(BUS 510 with min. grade of C)]