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MAX 525 - Cognitive Computing in Business

Course Description: 

Our complex and dynamic world generates more data and potential information than the human mind alone can recognize, digest, analyze, and offer actionable insights. The IBM WATSON cognitive computing engine can offer significant intelligence amplification for individuals and their organizations to prosper in this challenging environment. This course will provide a complete journey from idea generation to completing a prototype application with WATSON. Student teams will identify a business opportunity, locate the relevant knowledge and load it into WATSON, prepare question-and-answer sets to train WATSON's ability to provide accurate responses to user queries, and develop friendly interfaces for user queries (natural language processing) and WATSON responses. After satisfactory training has been completed, a business and marketing plan for the application will be created. As new knowledge is fed into WATSON and new queries occur, WATSON's response performance will improve. Some experience with an object-oriented programming language is necessary to load knowledge, questions, and answers into WATSON. The commercialization of WATSON applications already has begun. This course provides the concepts, methods, skills, and experience to build a WATSON application that offers business value.




[(MAX 522 with min. grade of C)]