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Research & Academic Centers

Faculty at IIT Stuart School of Business engage in dynamic, collaborative research across disciplines. Focus areas include high frequency finance, sustainable enterprise, management science, and marketing analytics. View the IIT Stuart Faculty Research Digest, highlighting a sample of recent Stuart faculty publications and research.  

IIT Stuart's research centers engage with industry partners on research projects and programming to meet the needs of the next economy. For more information about research at IIT Stuart School of Business, contact Siva Balasubramanian at

The Center for Strategic Competitiveness

The Center for Strategic Competitiveness develops global partnerships to enhance innovation and creativity, and is the foundation for IIT Stuart’s strategically competitive curriculum. The Center’s mission is to develop Strategic Competitiveness into an approach to business that will enhance the ability of individuals, organizations, and governmental units to respond proactively and innovatively to global market challenges in the next economy.

The Center for Financial Markets

Originally named the Center for Law and Financial Markets, this Center was created by John A. (Jack) Wing, former Chairman of Chicago Corp and of ABN AMRO Inc. in 1998. Currently, the Center partners with organizations including the Options Industry Council to host student-focused events, and works to enhance the public understanding of modern financial markets, especially organized markets such as stock exchanges and derivatives exchanges worldwide.

The Center for Sustainable Enterprise

The Center for Sustainable Enterprise works to create greater collaboration around sustainability efforts across Illinois Institute of Technology and in partnership with business corporations, other academic institutions, government agencies and members of the NGO community. Sustainable Enterprise is based upon implementing practical and equitable business strategies that advance ecological sustainability, while fostering our current and future economic viability.

IIT Entrepreneurship Academy

The IIT Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) provides distinctive and relevant education that emphasizes entrepreneurial thinking among students, alumni, and university stakeholders who interact with developing and existing businesses.