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SMGT 518 - Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Course Description: 

The corporate scandals and implosions of the past decade, climaxing in the recent global financial crisis and environmental disasters, have highlighted how critical ethical, environmental, and socially responsible decision making and leadership are to the long-term survival and success of both individual businesses and society. Concomitantly, the role of business is transforming from meeting a social contract to realizing tangible economic gains by creating shared value. In today's global environment, societal needs are defining markets, and key issues include poverty, hunger, water, sustainability, climate change, and MNC roles in developing economies. Ethical issues include bribery, fraud, and green washing all the way to a culture of corruption. Corporations and leaders have to manage corporate social responsibility not just as a moral obligation or risk/reputation management exercise but as an integration into their global strategy. This course will endeavor to teach students how these issues get integrated in business through strategy and structure and how to build new competencies in managing transparency, accountability, stakeholder engagement, ethics culture, and social innovation that are critical for business success in the next economy.