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PA 537 - Crisis Management and Homeland Security

Course Description: 

This course is taught by experts from various disciplines and provides a basic overview of homeland security including a brief history of terrorism. Specifically, the course is intended to provide the issues related to homeland security, awareness on the types of threats (damage to building processing plants, public facilities, etc.), and the type of risks involved. Other relevant aspects include types of weapons used by modern terrorists; how one goes about estimating risk and threat to a facility; how buildings and people respond when subjected to blast and fires; the role of search and rescue operation; weapon effect; building security; facility analysis to identify vulnerable areas given a threat; procedures for minimizing vulnerability; effective fire safety; contingency plans, etc. At the conclusion of this course the student will know how to estimate the risk and threat to a given facility, prepare a basic security audit; develop a basic contingency plan, develop passive/active security system for a given facility and develop post event search and rescue operations.




[(PA 501*)] An asterisk (*) designates a course which may be taken concurrently.