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MSC 512 - Statistics for Management Science I

Course Description: 

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to econometrics; linear, nonlinear, semiparametric and nonparametric regression, popular distributions, confidence intervals and joint confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, sample size and power, functional form and structure, endogeneity and instrumental variables estimation, systems of equations, models of panel data, maximum likelihood estimation, likelihood ratio tests, generalized method of moments, simulation based estimation and random parameter models. It will also focus on the mathematics of differential equations, stationary time series models, conditional heteroscedasticity, non-stationary time series, co-integration and non-linear models. Students will also learn techniques like maximum likelihood estimation, likelihood ratio tests, and generalized method of moments estimation. Students will be introduced to stochastic processes and applied probability and become familiar in using STATA and other advanced statistical software and research databases.