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MBA 575 - Creativity and Contemporary Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Course Description: 

Entrepreneurship focuses on the concepts, skills, know-how, information, attitudes, and alternatives that are relevant for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial managers, and the relevant stakeholders. Specifically, this course provides an introductory overview of the knowledge and skills needed for the identification, evaluation, and exploitation of opportunities in a variety of circumstances and environments. It concentrates on the study of various innovative thinking in strategy, identifying and screening a business opportunity, developing business models, preparing business plans, securing financing, and managing high-growth firms. It integrates knowledge gained from the prior core business courses (i.e., management, marketing, finance, and accounting) to sharpen the student's ability to think strategically, innovatively, and entrepreneurially and to form new ventures. Further, it is a course that mixes theory with practices covering industries such as computer, cell phone, biotech, and wireless, to name just a few. Students will be challenged to apply principles, concepts, and frameworks to real world situations, culminating in a formal business plan.




[(BUS 510)]