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MBA 564 - Competing in Emerging Markets

Course Description: 

For Western MNCs, some of the most intriguing growth opportunities in the Next Economy exist in low-income segments, the so-called markets at the bottom of the income pyramid, in emerging and underdeveloped countries of the world. Historically, MNCs targeted the customers at the top of the pyramid in these countries because their business models worked well for them. But as these bottom-of-the-pyramid markets become more economically profitable, MNCs need to make a serious attempt to evaluate and target them. In order to successfully compete for customers in these markets, MNCs should design innovative business models that could represent a radical departure from the way they do business in more advanced countries. This course is about such business model innovation. Students will learn tools of international market opportunity analysis, foreign market entry strategies, the social, economical, and ethical factors affecting decisions to serve low income customers, the stringent requirements of the customers at the bottom of the pyramid, and business models to profitably serve these customers.




[(BUS 510)]