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MBA 528 - Healthcare Management, Technology, and Innovation

Course Description: 

Healthcare is one of the most fundamental human problems around the world. Besides food and water, every one of the seven billion people on earth needs healthcare. Yet, the current systems of healthcare delivery have inadequacies in providing quality care to all. In this respect, technological innovations have begun to contribute creative solutions to the many problems that healthcare delivery systems face with access to care, affordability of care, and consistent quality of care. This course focuses on how the management of technology and innovation and business and strategy principles can converge to understand the trends, problems, and potential solutions to the American healthcare delivery system and to other systems around the world. The course aims to acquaint the student with the issues and potential solutions of managing the healthcare delivery system. The healthcare sector has unique characteristics as both a social and business enterprise where private and public organizations and enormous resources are involved. The student will gain knowledge about the structure of the healthcare delivery system and how technology and innovation are contributing to some solutions to its most pressing problems of access, affordability, and quality of care. The student will also gain knowledge about the key technology dimensions and forces that shape the industry.




[(BUS 510)]