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MAX 524 - Advanced Predictive Analytics

Course Description: 

This continuation of MAX 522 Predictive Analytics addresses complex data preparation methods and working with an enterprise data base system, e.g., DB2. More advanced variations of models from MAX 522 will be addressed, e.g., neural networks and cluster analysis. New models will be studied, e.g., Bayesian, Support Vector Analysis, and Time Series. Further big data analysis will be included, e.g., streaming sensor data. Web, audio, and video mining applications will be reviewed. More sophisticated visual analytics will be studied to improve the understanding of complex modeling results. A major project will provide a synthesis of the course learnings. Leading edge tools, e.g., IBM/SPSS Modeler, SAS Enterprise Miner, WATSON Analytics, IBM Streams, and Tableau will be used. These methods, models, and exercises will enhance significantly the mastery of predictive analytics.




[(MAX 522)]