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MAX 522 - Predictive Analytics

Course Description: 

The digital enterprise captures significantly more data about its customers, suppliers, and partners. The challenge, however, is to transform this vast data repository into actionable business intelligence. Both the structure and content of information from databases and data warehouses will be studied. Basic skills for designing and retrieving information from a database (e.g., MS Access) will be mastered. Data mining and predictive analytics can provide valuable business insights. A leading data mining tool, e.g., IBM/SPSS Modeler, will be used to investigate hypotheses and discover patterns in enterprise data repositories. Analysis tools include decision trees, neural networks, market basket analysis, time series, and discriminant analysis. Both data cleaning and analyses will be discussed and applied to sample data. Applications of data mining in a variety of industries will be discussed. Software exercises, case studies, and a major project will prepare the students to use these tools effectively during their careers.




[(BUS 550)]