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MAX 513 - Managing Sustainable Brands

Course Description: 

This is a traditional brand management course applied to green or sustainable brands which are becoming more and more important in the global economy. The most valuable assets that a company has are the brands that it has developed and invested over time. Students will explore the components of a brand, its equity, and emotional benefits and gain an understanding of how to develop a meaningful brand relationship with the customer or prospect to optimize the brand or brand portfolio. The class will also explore the various aspects required to champion a new product or service from development to launch by optimizing the execution through all the marketing efforts of the firm. Students will address positioning, channel strategies, trade promotion, budgeting as a part of the planning process, new product development, packaging and merchandising, and the management of agency relationships. Like people, brands have unique personalities that differentiate them and drive their ability to grow or limit their ability to expand.




[(MAX 511)]