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MAX 501 - Insights into the Next Economy Markets

Course Description: 

This course analyzes competitors, industries, and customers in the emerging global business environment. Understanding the demographics and psychographics of target audiences is essential to an effective marketing communication strategy. From data to information to insightful strategic marketing, this course covers what's important to know to make more effective marketing decisions. Social, cultural, psychological, and attitudinal factors are explored with particular attention to motivation, how attitudes are shaped and altered, how information is processed, and the role of learning in the formation of purchasing decisions. Theories and models of consumer behavior are examined to develop incisive insight into consumer behavior that can build strong brands. In addition to customer behavior, the course also covers tools and techniques to identify and analyze competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. Students will also learn a framework to analyze the relative attractiveness of industries and the techniques to analyze the threats and opportunities in the macro environment.