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BUS 510 - Building an Innovative and Sustainable Business

Course Description: 

This is an introductory course on the fundamentals of doing business in an increasingly interconnected and hypercompetitive world where rapid information flows, environmental degradation, and societal challenges (e.g., poverty and ethics) can be viewed as both threats and opportunities facing for-profit enterprises. Students will learn that sustainable businesses are also innovative businesses and that sustainability often drives innovation. Students will not only be exposed to the basics of starting, growing, and running a profitable business but also learn how to do so in an environmentally and socially sustainable fashion. They will learn how companies create and capture value and how to analyze the business environment, industry, competitors, and customers. They will be introduced to corporate, business, and functional strategy and learn about different business functions (accounting, finance, operations, marketing, and information management). Students will be introduced to critical challenges of global sustainability and will explore through case studies how leading companies are implementing triple bottom line accounting, sustainable growth, and stakeholder value creation strategies. Finally, they will develop an innovative business idea to start a brand new company that has sustainable growth in its mission statement.